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North Gold Mine: On the flat rock bank to the south of the entrance hole. Deactivate the security system, and activate the computer on the desk. Hometown Hero (30 points Completed Lonesome Road. Allied Technologies Offices: In the room to the west of the entrance room, in the southwest corner. Proceed with the mission, and talk to Fantastic and Ignacio Rivas. Chance's Map: Adjacent to the dirt map, with "The Sun Is Killing Me" graffiti. While talking to Rivas, make sure you get him to reveal that he is a Follower of the Apocalypse by using Speech or Confirmed Bachelor, and agree with his ideals about peace or say you are neutral. Desert Ranger Combat Armor location Honest Hearts" DLC) The Desert Ranger Combat Armor is in Zion, Stone Bones Cave in Sorrows Camp in the "Honest Hearts" bonus downloadable content. Charleston Cave: Part of the rock wall, just to the right of the door, by the heart graffiti. Ring-a-Ding-Ding (25 points Complete Ring-a-Ding-Ding. Jacobstown: On the floor next to the cooker, inside the eastern fallout New Vegas Lockpick Cheat Xbox 360 bungalow, near the pond. To the left is a stack of crates. However, as soon as you enter the monorail, it resets, and you can again ride it back to the strip again. In "The House Always Wins, I" quest, when you meet. If you recruit a new human companion, you will need to tell them to go to the Lucky 38 Casino so you can swap with him or her later. After she answers, choose the "What do you think. Walking Box Cavern: Around 20 to 30 feet east of the cavern entrance. Target an enemy or enemies with it in vats, then close vats. The Boss (30 points Reach 30th level. Upgrade: Vaquero or Full Maintenance. This glitch requires a 30 Speech skill level and neutral or friendly with NCR. This may require a few attempts. Climb on the pile of rock and shale to reach. Camp Guardian: fallout New Vegas Lockpick Cheat Xbox 360 Next to the Camp Guardian population sign, at the base of the path up to Guardian Peak. Easy "Outstanding Orator" achievement When you have a Speech 40 skill level, go to Camp Golf, by Lake Las Vegas.

Fallout : New Vegas Cheats for, xbox 360. We have 30 cheats on, xbox 360. We have no unlockables for, fallout : New Vegas yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them. Fallout : New Vegas, unique Weapons guide Fallout New Vegas Wild Wasteland trait guide Fallout : New Vegas.

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Wallpaper Hacker 4k House wants to meet you. Lucky Jim Mine: Slightly beyond the shack, near the wooden cart.
Black Ops 1 Zombies Mods Using Horizon Was this guide helpful? Lone Wolf Radio: Inside the radio trailer, near the Scrap Electronics and mattress. Primm Pass: Close to the Brahmin bones, on the western end of the pass. Wild Card (30 points Complete Wild Card. Cottonwood Cave: Inside the Headquarters building, on the upper floor, on the bedside table's shelf.
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Gta 5 Jordans Mod Menu Ps3 That Lucky Old Sun (20 points Complete That Lucky Old Sun. Hollow Rock 12 - Camp Guardian: Next to the Camp Guardian population sign, at the base of the path up to Guardian Peak. Hollow Rock locations Search the indicated locations to find all payday 2 Inventory Models Hollow Rocks, which contain ammunition and equipment stashes:.

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Xbox 360, PC, PS3 Submitted by monst3rmash3. Fallout : New Vegas Unlockables. Fallout : New Vegas Companion List Location. Here s a list of the unlockable characters and where they can be found. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Fallout : New Vegas - Dead Money for Xbox 360. After convincing Mags to play nice, accept her method, and go to the gun range. Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money for fallout New Vegas Lockpick Cheat Xbox 360 Xbox 360. Hollow Rock 14 - Boulder Beach Campground: By the side of the road, NW of the jetties, with 'The Sun is Killing Me' graffiti. Crescent Canyon East: On the east exist slope, just after the rail bridge. You can repeatedly enter and exit out of the general store if caught and place items in Boxcar's inventory, then steal them back until you have gotten the "Artful Pocketer" achievement.