Final Fantasy Xiii Durante Mod


final Fantasy Xiii Durante Mod

adding graphic options to ffxiii, and that ffxiii-2 was to offer those options at release already. What I could not fix was unstable performance and hiccups down from 60 FPS down to 30 on many systems. Lets have a closer look. Transparent objects such as hair. Rule 7 - Do not discriminate against others. The screenshot above was taken right after I first got arbitrary rendering resolution support to work. Using higher resolution shadows results in increasingly harder shadow boundaries, as the soft shadow filter is not being adjusted to match. Oct 9, final Fantasy Xiii Durante Mod 2014 I'm taking Lightning from here, so says. There are no graphics options in the game AT ALL besides "fullscreen or not fullscreen?" Oct 9, 2014 And I just updated GeDoSaTo a couple of hours ago Top work as always Durante (even at this early stage). The last Final Fantasy released on PC excluding a few recent mobile portswas Final Fantasy 8 in 1999. If you start it, someone must win. Oct 9, 2014, not going to play the game but still need to thank you for your hard work, keep it up Durante. The PC Master Race.

Final fantasy xiii: Final Fantasy Xiii Durante Mod

Oct 9, 2014 Haha, Durante to the rescue again. Oct 9, 2014 I could get it to run in Window mode, but not full screen. Interestingly enough, the game also defaulted to using 4xmsaa, but more on that later. Why even bother world At Arms Hacked Apk with your PC port when Durante will fix it?
final Fantasy Xiii Durante Mod
Thanks for your patience, Guest! DoF effects are unchanged (still at original, low resolution #8211; this is more apparent in contrast to higher resolutions). Game runs exactly as it did at 720p at 4k lmao. Not only that, but both games even feature the same bug when rendering at 2560x1440 which occurred with ps3 Bo2 Mod Menu No Jailbreak Tutorial GeDoSaTo. U/pcmrbot Threadripper 1950x, 32GB RAM, 780Ti, 1TB sshd, 120GB SSD, Debian View All Moderators. final Fantasy Xiii Durante Mod

Durante Presents: ffxiii

Square Enix patched, ffxiii to support higher resolutions, but it s still missing. Peter Durante Thoman is the creator of PC downsampling tool. Durante s first release of the, fF13 plugin supports resolutions. Large number of issues and then let the PC modding community fix them.