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debug_zoom Zooms in the game debug_types Will print the data type for all dynamic reference objects. Research all will instant research all technologies research_on_icon_click Research a technology when clicking on technology tree icon Will Allow you to research an item without its prerequisite annex Target Country Tag Begin annex/annexes the specified tag annex. Fullscreen Toggles fullscreen prices Price Info add_core State ID Country Tag Add core remove_core State ID Country Tag Remove core. Set_cosmetic_tag country tag cosmetic tag changes the name and flag of the country set_cosmetic_tag USA SOV See also edit References edit). IP icarus Ascending Hackett Shows your IP requestgamestate Requests the gamestate from host nudge Go to the nudge tool mapmode Mapmode type (int) Change mapmode. Nextsong Changes the currently playing soundtrack. Setowner country tag state id Sets state owner setcontroller country tag province id Sets province controller xp XP amount Gives Army, navy and air experience to player Can be used once per day PP amount Gives political power. Commands, to Annex annex (ermenistan. Nomapicons Toggles map icons. Start game, load save game, use gain_xp command, enjoy. Does not work if you put another nations tag in the command such as "set_country_flag flag AUS". Analyzetheatres(anth) Analyze theatres for errors. (with the exception of convoy: 'ae 1000 convoy_1 To add ships, consider using instantconstruction(ic) (ic also effects AI). Tdebug Toggles Debug info Helpful for finding nation tags and ID's spawn SubUnit Type Province ID Amount Spawns a unit in a province This command does not work, when entered into the console, units do not spawn; the console instead returns.
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  • You can see the hoi4 Cheats Country Tags country tag by entering "tdebug" and hovering over a province of the country you want to know the tag. Yml" for full list of names add_ideas idea name Adds ideas with id to the country See ideas within the respective country-file under.commonideas add_latest_equipment(ale) equipment amount Gives player amount of latest equipment variants reload file name Reloads assets reload loc (reloads. To fix this, go to your Steam library and change the Launch Options to "-debug" prior to launching, and then launch the game in debug mode.
  • ARG, argentina, bEL, belgium, nIG, niger, bHU. Also if you type in just manpower it will give you 10 million men add_opinion Country tag Add opinion to/from tag tag Country tag Switch tag to another country observe(spectator) Switches to play no country at all, and. Press the up or down arrow keys to traverse through previously executed commands.
  • Hoi4 Cheats Country Tags
  • Teleport(tp) province_id Teleports selected armies or ships to the specified province theatersrebuild(trebuild) Rebuilds all theatres in the world. For example, if Germany gets into a civil war via the Oppose Hitler focus, the German Junta will get the GER tag and the facists will get the D01 tag. All orders will be cleaned. To change country (during singleplayer) tag (countrytag).

hoi4 Cheats Country Tags
Research_on_icon_click Research a technology when clicking on technology tree icon add_autonomy Target Country Tag num Changes a country's autonomy level add_autonomy PHI -200 annex Target Country Tag Begin annex/annexes the specified tag annex USA or annex d01. Bourbon France, lUX, luxembourg, royalist Luxembourg, hoi4 Cheats Country Tags bEL. Occupationpaint(op) Toggles occupation painting.

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hoi4 Cheats Country Tags


Cheat Codes x Kris Kross Amsterdam - Sex. You can see the country tag by entering "tdebug" and hovering over. Hoi 4, console, cheats. HOI4, cheats - Google. Event event id Target, country.

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EU4 Country Tags, victoria 2 Country Tags. Newly spawned nations are 48 Hour Gold Membership Code Generator given a tag in the range D01, D02, D03 and onwards depending on availability.